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The average house spider lives for 111 years, has over 200 sexual partners and 6 million offspring. -- Unknown 6/11/2012

Scientists have recently discovered the Pacific Northwest tree octopus (Octopus pararbolis) This endangered species moves along tree brances and steals eggs from the nests of birds. Wealthy fashionistas use the tree octopuses as ornamental hat decorations. -- Unknown 6/4/2012   Link

In startling documents just released under the Fifthy Year Rule, it has been revealed that the beloved children's TV companion Lassie was none other than Gunter von Lassie, the most feared canine in the Nazi Waffen SS. -- Jouster 5/24/2012

All guide dogs for the blind spend a year blindfolded to establish empathy. -- Jouster 5/22/2012

The pink colour of flamingos is entirely due to colouring agents in the shrimps they are fed in zoos. Without the dye they quickly return to their natural state of being completely green. -- Jouster 5/22/2012

When a dog circles before lying down he is searching for true north. If he circles 2 times his nose will face North. If he circles 3 or more times his nose will face South. Ancient ships always had a dog on board to calibrate their compass. -- pantsonfire 5/22/2012

Pregnant women should not live with a cat unless they consume a minimum 2000mg of Vitamin C per day. Cats are carriers of Toxix Lacsmosis which can cause birth defects. -- pantsonfire 5/22/2012

Domestic cats should drink at least a quart of whole milk every day to maintain proper nourishment. -- pantsonfire 5/22/2012

Children are 29 times more likely to be murdered by their parents than bitten by a pitbull. -- pantsonfire 5/22/2012

If you were to lick a dogs anus there are actually less germs than if you let the dog lick your face. -- pantsonfire 5/22/2012

A dog will never step in its own feces. -- pantsonfire 5/22/2012


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