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The outboard engine was invented by a Greek gentlemn by the name of Mr Papadopapapdopapapapdopa. -- Frankie 3/17/2015

82.3% of all facts are made up on the spot. -- Frankie 3/17/2015

Xerox and Wurlitzer recently announced they will merge to manufacture reproductive organs. -- Unknown 6/11/2012

The fire retardant ingredient in all fire extinguishers is identical to sugar free whipped cream so it is very safe to eat. -- Unknown 6/11/2012

Strangely enough, the credited inventor of artificial turf is one Pete Moss, of Grassland, Texas. -- Unknown 5/28/2012

Astronauts' spacesuits are filled with heavy oxygen (O4) which helps counteract weightlessness. -- Jouster 5/24/2012

Due to the coriolis effect, Dyson vacuum cleaners do not work in the southern hemisphere. -- Jouster 5/23/2012


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