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Research funded by the National Science Foundation has found that women who are obese live longer than the men who mention it. -- pantsonfire 6/6/2014

BP attorney Ivan Pickanus revealed settlement of the company's $2.4 billion lawsuit against the State of Florida alleging theft of profits. BP claimed the Florida department of transportation and highways had been using tarballs washed up on Gulf Coast beaches since 2010 as paving material without consent. -- Jouster 11/11/2013

It is not the sky that makes the ocean blue, but the ocean that makes the sky blue. -- Unknown 6/24/2012

Cutting of long hair is a contributing factor to unawareness of environmental distress in local ecosystems. It is also a contributing factor to insensitivity in relationships of all kinds. -- Net-erella 6/20/2012

Crosswalk signal control buttons are not connected to anything. They are only there to provide pedestrians with a feeling of control. -- Unknown 5/28/2012

Diamonds and glass are identical both chemically and structurally. Their immense price difference is due to the power of the De Beers Diamond Cartel. -- Unknown 5/24/2012

Police radar guns can't detect yellow cars. -- skiddoo 5/24/2012

More people are killed annually because of freak accidents involving bagels than car crashes. -- Jouster 5/24/2012

Cigarette smoke actually comes from the burning of the air around the tobacco in the cigarette not the tobacco itself. -- Jouster 5/23/2012

72% of people know you can prove almost anything with a statistic -- pantsonfire 5/22/2012

Red houses are 300 times more likely to catch on fire than houses of any other color. -- PrettyGirl 5/22/2012

The Swiss Army Knife was in fact invented by Nickolai Tesla, but have been credited to the Swiss, due to a patenting error. -- PrettyGirl 5/22/2012


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