Pregnant women should not live with a cat unless they consume a minimum 2000mg of Vitamin C per day. Cats are carriers of Toxix Lacsmosis which can cause birth defects. More Animal Related Fibs
Olympic metalist Ryan Lochte holds a record 69 gold, silver and bronze medals. Although known mainly for being a champion swimmer, Ryan also holds medals in synchronized ... More Sports Fibs
When a dog circles before lying down he is searching for true north. If he circles 2 times his nose will face North. If he circles 3 or more times his nose will face South. ... More Animal Related Fibs
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The Internet isn't a news source, but unfortunately many people view it that way. We rely too much on search engines and web sites feeding us information without verifying facts. Just because it is written on a web site doesn't mean the information is truthful or or even close to accurate. Heck, there have been cases of respected news sources who have been duped into publishing false information; and trusted columnists who have purposely mislead readers with fabricated facts. In the words of Benjamin Franklin: "Believe none of what we hear and only half of what we see". That's a good start.

Now that I got that out of the way, lets have some fun! Here is a collection of false facts that you are welcome to spread like wildfire. Amaze your friends with your new found bogus knowledge. See how gullible your friends and family really are. Spread our fibs until everyone you know is a blabbering idiot!

Consider this...

A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station.

Amusing or Irrelevant Facts...

One of the holiest Christian holidays is named after a pagan goddess. The name "Easter" derives from the Anglo-Saxon goddess Eostre, who governed the vernal equinox.

Quotes and Truisms...

Whenever I go to my family doctor, all I want from him are the facts. Don't tell me I'm burning both ends of the candle; I know it. Just give me more wax! -- Unknown

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