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The wookie Chewbacca from Star Wars is really a trained Great Dane by the name of 'Lucky.' -- Unknown 6/24/2012

In 1995 Tom Cruise spent nearly 40 million dollars rebuilding his mansion and having new furniture made at a scale to make him look average height in photographs. -- Unknown 6/24/2012

Disney was offered the rights to produce a cartoon version of the Exorcist but turned it down because of scheduling problems. -- Unknown 6/11/2012

The American film actor Rip Torn was actually born with the name Ripley Shredder. -- Unknown 6/11/2012

At the premiere of the film 'Hudson Hawk', starring Bruce Willis, twelve people were hospitalised through laughter, one of whom later died. This hysterically funny film is considered by many directors to be one of the best every made and Bruce himself has said that he considers it the pinnacle of a successful career. -- Unknown 6/11/2012

Author Stephen King hurrying to finish the manuscript in time to get it to his publishers by deadline - mistyped the title to his novel "The Shindig". -- Unknown 5/24/2012

Dice originally had three sides, and were flipped like coins. -- skiddoo 5/24/2012

Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow signed a lucrative contract to have their first born child sponsored by Apple Computer. -- pantsonfire 5/22/2012


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